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Do parents of children attending the party have to pay that wish to stay but not skate?
No, parents of children attending party that stay and do not skate are free.
How much is it if parents want to stay and skate? Do we have to pay for it?
Parents of children that are attending our birthday parties often wish to stay and skate. You can opt to pay for them or they can pay for themselves. Let us know at check-in if you wish to pay for any skating adults or not and we will handle it for you. Costs are: Afternoon sessions - $8.00 + skate rental, Evening sessions, 7:30-10:30 $9.00 + skate rental.
What about ages 2 and under, are they included in the party package or as invited guests?
Can adults be part of the party package?
Yes. There is no age limit.. Additional food may be ordered for adults that remain at the rink but not included in the party package.
How soon do you need a final count?
5 days prior to your party date.
Do you have a freezer for ice cream and/or ice cream cakes?
Our experience with ice cream cakes is that the children do not eat it and let it melt all over since they are eager to be out skating. We do not provide freezer space, some parent's have tried a cooler but we really recommend a regular cake, cookies or cupcakes.
May I bring any other food to my party?
If you have a scheduled party no other food is allowed except a dessert treat like cake or cupcakes.
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